Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Review

In the month of April
My Goals for April (taken from this post): 
  • Run 300km,
  • tackle my first Ultra and be excited about the achievement and confident about The Comrades,
  • raise R5000 for The Starfish Foundation


I ran 263 kilometers in the month, which only included 4 Sundays.  If I include Sunday 1 May, my total increases to 295km which I am happier with. 

(Total Barefoot kilometers: 40km which is way down on the almost 150km last month but I have to practice keeping my sandals on for the Comrades.)

Only the Ultra was achieved – I ran a 60km training run in just over 8 hours and am confident and scared for Comrades

My fundraising total currently stands at R 2140.00 and there are still some amounts that aren’t yet reflected.  I am still hopeful that I will reach my target by the deadline – 5 May 2011.  If you feel inclined to donate to The Starfish Foundation, on behalf of my Comrades Marathon attempt, please visit my Race 4 Charity page.

I ran 2 races and got 2 medals & 2 t-shirts – both red

I did 4 pilates classes, 1 yoga class and 20 lengths in the gym pool

Year To Date: 1038 kilometers run

Goal for May: Complete The Comrades Marathon, all 89km within the 12 hour cut-off time.


alidaonline said...

Wow. That is one seriously impressive month. Well done!

Johann said...

Great month Staci! I didn't achieve my target as well, mainly due to the stomach bug I had. "Confident and scared for Comrades"...I feel the same.