Monday, 2 May 2011

Colgate 32km Race Review


Sunday May 1, 2011 – International Workers Day and International Barefoot Runners DayDSCN0201Colgate 32km

I celebrated both at the Colgate race in Boksburg.

There was the usual interest in my running sandals, a couple of people spoke to me about running in them.  I didn’t see any other barefoot/minimalist runners. 

It was incredibly cold and foggy at the 6.30 start (half an hour later than our summer starts). I wore a long sleeve compression top under my club vest to keep me warm. 

DSCN0200Colgate 32kmIan and I started together and ran the first 4km together.  I only set my watch to the  9:1 Run:Walk intervals from the first watering table, so we split up from my first walk.  I met with him, past him, caught up with him for a while but then past him around 10km and didn’t see him again. 

I was comfortable and still cold in the still foggy weather when we went thru’ the half way mark.DSCN0203Colgate 32km  There were no porta-loos on the route and I had no luck finding a toilet at the one garage that we ran past.  Grin and bear it became my motto.

DSCN0206Colgate 32kmI was in front and behind and in front again of “The Tambourine Man” Bus.  I have never run in a bus before and altho’ I was on track for my 3:30 finish, I made the choice to join the bus at about 24km even tho’ I knew that I would have to give-up my time goal.  I realise that it is possible that I might need to run in a bus for Comrades DSCN0207Colgate 32kmand so I best give it a try.  Jafta runs with a tambourine that keeps the pace (averaged 6:45/km).  He (Jafta, the bus driver) controls the uphills and the downhills and we walked thru’ the watering points.  DSCN0209Colgate 32kmDSCN0211(1)Colgate 32km

I enjoyed the experience and it definitely made the kms disappear quickly.  I struggled to keep a 180 cadence and to keep an eye on the road directly in front of me.  It was also a slower pace than I had been running until then – my run was averaging 6:15/km and then I would walk.  I think I prefer to Run:Walk but at least now I know a little bit more about what to look out for in a bus.

500m from the finish, all the ladies in the bus move to the front, to offer “inspiration” to the men and as a respectful courtesy.  We ran in singing "Roll, Rolling”.  DSCN0213Colgate 32km

I finished the 32km in a time of 3:37:42 a PB for the distance, altho I can’t really compare my previous 32km to this – the course and weather were so vastly different.

Alan finished in 2:36 and Ian finished the 15km in a slow 1:39 (5 minutes slower than last year.)DSCN0216Colgate 32km

DSCN0215Colgate 32kmWe all got a goodie bag with toothpaste, tooth brush and 2 soaps, as well as a t-shirt and a medal.


Johann said...

Nice run Staci and great report and photos! I've run with the buses a few times but generally find it quite difficult to adjust to their pace. I can keep the same overall but find I do it very differently. But if the need is there on Comrades day I'll join one for sure. Congrats on the PB!

JK said...

Okay, as a mostly non-runner, I need to ask: what is a bus? A group of people, like pacers? Your running just amazes me. I'm very close to being sold on trying sandals or minimalist shoes, not that either would be of much help to me. I think I probably would benefit more from a psychiatrist! :)

alidaonline said...

Well done on your PB.

I'm curious about the 9:1 intervals - is that how you do all your long runs? Getting back into running again after my injury I started with 3:2 and then have slowly built up to where I am which is 14:1 with the aim of doing 30 mins without walking before I start upping my distance. The thing is when I was running 9:1 and 11:2 I had MUCH better pace then where I am now at 14 minutes. Something just seems to work for me running for 10-ish minutes and then taking a break but I'm wondering if it would be practical to do long runs like that?