Saturday, 30 April 2011

International Friendship Flag


I met up with Johann from RunTallWalkTall on Sunday.  He had completed all 3 days of the Easter 100km (his review is here) and I had completed Day 3 – only 19km.

I collected the International Friendship Flag as I am next of the flags route around the world.  The Flag has its own FaceBook Page and its own Website

I stitched my flag and signed the flag and it is ready to go to the next person – all the way downunder, to Brisbane Australia.

DSCN0198 (1) resize

Get ready Char, the International Friendship Flag is on its way to you!!


Johann said...

Thanks Staci and thanks for all the shoutouts. So Brisbane it is!

Char said...

Yay! I love getting parcels so I can't wait. I'm thinking of entering a little local race in the flag's honour. And then gotta make a big decision - where to next?