Friday, 22 April 2011

Barefoot Recovery Run at Sun City

After my marathon on Sunday, I enjoyed an afternoon sleep and then started packing for my holiday!!!  On Monday morning, Ian and I did some last minute shopping and we were on our way to Sun City. 

I did my 8km recovery run around the Lost City Golf Course on Tuesday morning and a 12km session today.  Both runs were barefoot.  There is paving for the carts around the course which makes for good running – it isn’t my favourite surface to run on because it can get real hot and abrasive but that hasn’t been the case here.  Also, because it is around such a smart golf course, it is swept clear of debris pretty regularly so I could take in the scenery without having to be overly attentive to where I was placing my feet. I am so happy running barefoot. I love the feedback I get from my feet as I place them on the ground.  It was particularly noticeable today when I was going down the little hills – I really had to pay attention to lifting my feet so as not to put them down too hard which is so easy to do when running downhill.  I am still playing around to get a good way to run downhill without causing pain.

There was a lot of stopping to take pictures and enjoy the surroundings.  DSCN0067 resizeDSCN0068 resizeDSCN0069 resizeDSCN0070 resizeDSCN0071 resizeDSCN0072 resizeDSCN0073 resizeDSCN0075 resizeDSCN0076 resizeDSCN0077 resizeDSCN0078 resizeDSCN0079 resizeDSCN0080 resizeDSCN0081 resizeDSCN0082 resizeDSCN0083 resizeDSCN0084 resize

I don’t know much about golf, but I imagine that this is one great place to play.

It has been cloudy to overcast since we’ve been here and even cold sometimes but that hasn’t deterred from having a relaxing time.  We’ve been to the heated pools, the casino, the games arcade and this afternoon we are going to the cinema to see Tangled.  I will still get in another run tomorrow to make my 30km for midweek. 


Char said...

Really beautiful scenery. No wonder you enjoyed your runs.

Giorgio said...

What a beautiful place to run! Great report!
Have a nice weekend!