Friday, 1 April 2011

March Review

In the month of March

My Goals for March (taken from this post): Run 265km (10% increase)and run a marathon in under 5 hours (and thereby qualify for The Comrades Marathon)

tickBoth were achieved

I ran 300 kilometers, including 125km barefoot and spent 34:32:28 hours on the road,

I ran 2 races, including my qualifying marathon and got 2 medals &2 t-shirts.

I did 4 pilates classes at the gym and no swimming.

Year To Date: 775 kilometers run

Goal for April: Run 300km, tackle my first Ultra and be excited about the achievement and confident about The Comrades, raise R5000 for The Starfish Foundation.

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Johann said...

Seems that you are right on target, well done! All the best for April! See you at the 60km!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Looking great!! Very inspirational. I need to do my pilates!