Tuesday, 8 March 2011

February Review

The second month of 2011 is finished already and we’re almost a third thru’ March which means that in 3 weeks, the first quarter of 2011 will be over.

I know that it is a cliché that is getting thrown around a lot lately, but for me it is so true, and it bears repeating:


time flies

Time is flying

In the month of February

I ran 239 kilometers, spent  27:41:06 hours on the road, ran 1 race, spent R80 on race entry fees, won 0 medals and 1 t-shirt.

I did 8 pilates classes at the gym and walked out of 1 .  I swam 53 lengths of the gym pool in 3 swimming sessions.

I burned 16 362 calories and lost 1kg of weight

Year To Date: 475 kilometers run

Goal for March: Run 265km  (10% increase), run a marathon in under 5 hours (and thereby qualify for The Comrades Marathon)


Hope your March is a good one


Teamarcia said...

Great month! Woot for Comradeds!

Alida said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to find your blog!

I started running last year in May and after being plagued by knee problems started running barefoot and in Vibrams which sorted out my knees which was great but ultimately sad because I took on too much too soon and ended up with a stress fracture.

I was hoping to do Comrades this year which has obviously been put on hold (only started running again 2 weeks ago) but I kind of canned it permanently thinking that I'll never be able to do it without running shoes and my knees just don't like having my feet in shoes.

So you've given me a huge amount of hope for next year! I've added you to my reader - looking forward to reading more.

Johann said...

You certainly are well on your way to reach all your March goals! Your month started great! Hope the rest of the month is great as well.