Monday, 28 March 2011

My First Give-Away

I love that so many blogs offer give-aways.  I love it even more when I win – and I have done that a few times:

DSC01927(1)cropped resizeDSC01950cropI won a cool tech shirt (and most recently a spibelt) from Barefoot Neil,

I won headbands from Angie Bee,

I won Mission Skincare products from Lesley,

and I recently received my necklace from Kelly  mission skincare


So now, the time is right for me to offer a Give-Away of my own, and the excuse reason is that I am 40 and I have 40 41 Followers of my blog.

Two of my favourite things when I’m running are My Guava SunDanna

    Me at the startresize  Johan and I at the finish  Ian and I at start

Initially I found the bandannas at a flea market, they are no-tie and perfect for bad-hair days.  When I started running, I needed a light and airy hat to protect my face from the sun and the SunDanna was perfect.  I ordered a black, blue and red SunDanna.  I use the blue one on race day (it matches my club colours) and the red and black ones on training runs.  If I’m not wearing a headband, I’ll be wearing a no-tie bandanna.

And Zam-Buk


I use Zambuk on my lips before every run, there is a tub on my entrance hall table to make sure it is always accessible.  It is the only thing that stays on my lips for the longest of runs (read marathon),  it keeps my lips moist and I don’t get the dry/salty taste on my lips.  It is also the perfect thing to carry in my pouch for splinters!  The back of the tin says “For the treatment of minor wounds, burns, scalds, itch, chapped hands, insect bites, muscular pains.”  (Ingredients: oily of eucalyptus, camphor, oil of thyme, oil of sassafras)  I have only used it when I’ve pulled a splinter of glass out of my foot and for bites and scratches (not necessarily on a run).  I have a tin in my hand bag, my run bag and my run pouch.  I love Zam-Buk

I will be giving away 2-Packages of “My Favourite Things” to Random Comments.

To enter the Giveaway

*   You must be a follower of my blog and leave a comment that you are

*   You must go to the Guava Website and have a look around, then come back here and post a comment telling me which SunDanna or Bandanna you would like

*   Extra entries will be given if you blog/facebook/tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment that you did

*   2-Extra entries will be given to you if your referrals follow my blog and leave a comment that you referred them

This giveaway is open to all.  I haven’t been sponsored in any way. I will be buying and mailing the gifts to you on my own account.  The giveaway will close in a week – Monday 4th April.  Winners will be announced on Tuesday 5 April.

Good Luck!



Johann said...

You've certainly been lucky with the winnings! I would love an orange SunDanna. Orange = my son's favorite colour and that is one reason why I run for the club I do.

Jenna Z said...

Oooh, I love the Pink Anglaise Sun-danna! What a genius creation!

Jenna Z said...

I tweeted:!/corgipants/status/52475893586726912

Runnergirl said...

Wow, you certainly are one lucky lady! I love the black pirates SunDanna. I'm a member of the Kimberley Pirates Running Club and it would look great with our club shirt :)!

Paul said...

Hi Staci!

Glad your training is going well.
The shots of the local high water are impressive..yow.

I'm impressed at your barefooting...but glass scares me.

The shots of your feet show pretty long toes..I'm curious, can you move your big toe in separately from your other toes?

Kate said...

I'm a follower.

Kate said...

And I like the blue camo, the candy stripes, or the skull and bones. Just because I'm so NOT tough.

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