Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday LSD in the rain

My alarm went off at 5.30am.  I got up, heard a little rain, got dressed and ready to go.  Ian also got up and ready and by the time he was ready to go, it was raining a little harder.  We climbed back into bed to “discuss our plan”.  Numerous suggestions between the two of us and we finally decided to do 2.5 loops of my Engen route so that I could get my mileage done, he could come home after 16km and if the rain got too heavy we could both come home quickly.  The being the decision, I only took enough money for 2 Cokes and my Brand Spanking New camera.  (Usually for a long run I take my water bottle and my cell phone).

DSCN0035 resize

And off we go … in a slight drizzle

We get to the end of the road (all 700 meters) and HE decides that we might as well go down to the river to see what damage the Friday flash floods had done (This was the original plan that got derailed when we woke up to the rain).  This is a very big step for Ian – he always wants to stay near home, just in case ….

DSCN0036 resizeDSCN0037 resizeDSCN0039 resizeDSCN0040 resizeDSCN0041 resizeDSCN0042 resize

The Damage at Bridge #1 – railing knocked off, cables exposed and lots of debris

DSCN0044 resize

Another 5km to the prison – to run past, not stop and visit

DSCN0045 resize

Bridge # 2 – Flowing well

DSCN0046 resize

Police Tape - Curious

DSCN0043 resize

This is one of the many reasons I run in sandals

DSCN0048 resize

Approaching Bridge # 3

DSCN0050 resize

Sand covering the road

DSCN0052 resize

Flowing well

DSCN0053 resize

Debris caught in railings

DSCN0049 resize

Another reason that I run barefoot

We slowly ran the uphill back home where I dumped my rain jacket and sandals.  The distance was 17km so Ian stayed at home and I carried on running and running and running.  (We watched Forrest Gump yesterday so Run Forrest Run was playing in my head).  I told Ian I would carry on for another 5km and so to have a cup of tea ready for me in 35 minutes.  However, 1km into my run I changed my mind and decided to run to the Engen garage and buy myself a coke and do an 8km run.  So, that’s exactly what I did while thinking to myself “That’s why I run – I get to go places, not just do kilo after kilo after kilo.”  I bought my Coke and started on my return journey.  I felt a little prickle in my left heel, stopped to check it out and saw blood – never a good sign.  I sat down on the side of the road and removed a small shard of glass. 

DSCN0054 resize

(A very good reason to run with Zambuk in my pouch!) 

With the glass out, I could carry on my run, pleased with myself to be doing the mileage and buying some coke to have when I get home.  1km from home, Ian is driving past, looking for me – I’ve been gone almost an hour and my tea was cold!!

I happily finished my 25km, in the rain, with a coke and having seen the Flash Flood damage – all intentions met!!


Johann said...

Nice run and nice mud! Perfect running weather this morning. I did the 21 in the end. The floods were terrible. That was one huge storm. Have a good week!

Char said...

All that flood damage looks so familiar to me - sand on the road, debris where it's not supposed to be, roads blocked off. Our city is still showing signs of the January floods but at least more of our running routes are back open.

Kate said...

What a mess! Glad your bridges are basically OK....and your poor foot, too.

It's really cool to think of running PLACES rather than just "running to run".