Saturday, 26 March 2011

Barefoot Time Trial

I’ve done 4 Time Trials in my sandals

June             23:19

July              22:57

August          Did Not Run

September     21:39

October         21:19

November, December, January and February   -  Did Not Run

March            21:24        Barefoot

Today, I ran my first barefoot TT and I’m thrilled with my results.  I was 6 seconds off my Personal Best set in October ‘10 (also the last time that I ran a TT). 

I took it comfortable today with the plan of using the first kilometer as a warm up and then to speed down the hill to the round-about turnaround, push up the road at a comfortable but hard pace, recover on the brief down and then push the last kilo including the little climb up College Road and then just short of a sprint to the finish.  I also didn’t check my log book to see what my last time was and I really couldn’t remember other than between 5 and 6 minutes a kilometer.  I followed my plan, watching Val ahead of me and passing Chris just after 2.5kms.  I was pleasantly surprised to have N tell me that I was just 6 seconds off my best time – the effort felt so much less and that really shows progress!

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Johann said...

Well done Staci! Great progress indeed!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! I def noticed the more I did it eventually my times were getting down to my shod times. Way to go!

Barefoot Neil Z said...

That's awesome! I'm only a few seconds off my shod times in all distances. This summer they will all fall!

Char said...

The difference in your times from the beginning is incredible. And the lack of difference from shod to unshod is also incredible.