Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Choosing Happiness

It’s not often that I listen to my iPod while running. I prefer to use the time to get prepared for the day or clear-out the day, depending on the time of day that I am running. But, occasionally I feel that I need to use the time to achieve a purpose other than just running and so I will listen to something useful on my iPhone. Last night I chose a Ted Talk Radio clip entitled Simply Happy. You can read more / listen here 

Many interesting things were said by the designer, author, scientist and physiologist that spoke but what stood out for me was the fact that we (humans) are hard-wired for happiness and (except in a few extreme cases) no traumatic event can take away our happiness for more than 3 months, unless we allow it to. This means we are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for and that in our thinking that things are difficult / awful / horrible / shocking and that we cannot recover from them, we limit our innate ability to overcome, move on and be happy.

So, happiness is our birth right, we deserve to be happy and we can choose to be happy. Now is the moment to claim our happiness. 

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