Thursday, 20 February 2014

50 Days of Running

I have reached the half way point of my running streak - 50 days out of my planned 100. I have covered 319.86 km in a little over 22 hours (all logged on my Garmin).

I have moments of enjoying it, other times it feels like a slog. A few runs where I question why and the answer changes regularly.

It started out because I was feeling demotivated and uninterested. On New Years Day we were "scheduled" to run the RWFL New Years race at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. We woke up, we said no, we went back to sleep. When I did wake up, I felt that I had let myself down and that if I wasn't waking up to run a race that I really enjoy, then I wasn't going to be committed to the races that I didn't love. During the course of the day I thought about what I would do if I wasn't running and I realised it wasn't a good picture. So, by 5 pm I had my sandals on and I was running. It was during this run that I decided that a running streak was a good motivator. My friend Lisa of Adventure Lisa does a running streak every year leading up to her birthday which led my friend Rob to do a streak of his own. Maybe that's what I needed to get my heart back into running?

A minimum of 3 kilometres a day was the only rule. And, run every day until I couldn't.

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Kate Geisen said...

Great job! I've never been able to stick with running every day. My best streak has been maybe 4 days.