Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Only 10 days to go!

Photo: Another great run with Zoe Katsivalis. Only 10 days to go 󾌰

Yesterday was my 90th day of consecutive running. Over 580kms and 75 hours of running and walking. And, I am not even training for any particular event.
I have loved almost all of the runs that I have done but for sure, I have loved the experience so far.
Most recently I have been walking/running with Zoe as she embarks on a Couch-2-5km running program. I have been in sandals or barefoot and Zoe started in Tomy takkies, but is now barefoot. The choice of “shoes” has been between Luna Sandals like Ian and I run in or the new Xero Sandals that come in a range of fun colours. Zoe doesn’t seem to mind either way, she says she only runs a few times a week and she doesn’t see herself running further than a 5km parkrun on a regular basis. I am leaning toward the Luna’s – it will be cool to have the whole family running in the same sandals.


Johann said...

Yay, well done Staci! I started my streak this morning. I hope I'll be as dedicated as you are.

Staci said...

I am sure you will be Johann. You will reach a tipping point after which you cannot stop being dedicated to the goal. Have fun!

Karien P. said...

Well done on your streak! Great to see you back in the blogging world :) .

Paul Rodman said...

Hey Staci,
so glad to see you blogging again. I was sad to see you check out for a while..glad you are still healthy and bloggin' !!