Wednesday, 25 April 2012

PinkDrive Winner

Thank you to all my generous friends and family for donating to my PinkDrive Race4Charity.

I have exceeded my R5000 target and raised R5500 and it couldn't have happened without your kindness and I am truly grateful and PinkDrive thank you too.


As promised at the beginning of my campaign, I am doing a random draw of all the people who contributed to win a prize from the PinkDrive shop. I entered all the names of the people who contributed (21 in total) in the order that the funds were received by PinkDriveinto a random list generator and then I got Dear Zoe to press the RANDOMIZE button.

The winner is Karen Henry! Well done Karen!! Thank you for your donation, I will be mailing you your gift soon - ish.

Thanks again to all that who contributed. I will be lining up for Comrades 2012 on June 3rd and running with all of you in my heart!


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