Monday, 23 April 2012

I did RUN

I don't remember when, if ever, I have been as excited and apprehensive to run as I was on Saturday.

I had two more Lynosport sessions with Tarryn last week and I am strong all round (measuring strength of fascia lines using the bunkie). During both sessions she did some intense rubbing on my calves and that seemed to make the world of difference to my walking without pain and without a roll in my ankle. I also learned why running on a treadmill isn't beneficial for a road runner (a basic explaination is that opposite fascia lines are used on road vs treadmill).

So, with complete rest since running for 20 minutes and covering 2.2 Kms on the gym treadmill last Sunday, I was very anxious for my first road run in almost 7 weeks! I dressed in my skort and a long sleeved race t-shirt, put my sandals on and hit the road for my old routine, but this time on my own and not as early as i used to out. I figured 3 kms would be a good tryout and I ran to the high school and back. My foot was sore in the area of the break and I can't realistically expect it not to be. Tarryn said I need to work the foot so that the muscles, tendons and ligaments don't get tight but not too much that the bones are disturbed while they are still repairing. I took my sandals off for the last 700m, a smooth section of the road and my feet felt fine considering there has been no outdoor barefoot activity in a long while.

It felt so good to be back running!! But, my foot is still healing and I have to take it slow (way slower than suits me) but I am being an obedient (to my therapists and my body) girl so as not to cause any long term damage. I will try one day running, one day resting but it is a plan not set-in-stone. I really have to take it as it comes with a general goal of a half marathon in mind.

I entered the Kwai Challenge many months ago and I am hoping that I will be okay to run/walk the half marathon by Sunday May 13. This Friday is the RAC 60km long run which I would've been doing again this year but this time I will be going to assist/watch/cheer my dad and a few other friends who are taking part.

Have a happy running week and pleased come back on Wednesday to see who has won my PinkDrive giveaway.


Johann said...

Good to see you had a run! Wise to listen to the advice and follow orders :). Be patient and you will be back without any problems soon.

Karien said...

So happy that you RAN and that it went well! Yay!

Char said...

It's so good to hear that you're back running - even if it is slower than comfortable. Be patient. You'll get it all back eventually.

Paul said...

Good news! I'm with Johann...follow orders!