Friday, 13 April 2012

Injury Update

Congrats to Karen, running her first Ultra marathon last weekend. The Two Oceans was run in horrific, wet and cold conditions and she completed the race in a respectable time of 6:41. Well done!

Norman walked the half marathon in equally horrid conditions and finished in 2:56. Well done!

Well done to Shaun, Paula and Kim who also did the various races.

On Wednesday afternoon I went for my first lynotherapy session with Tarryn. She was fantastic! I felt comfortable in her abilities and I was quite taken with her enthusiasm and belief in lynotherapy. She believes we can fix my imbalance and get me back on the road sooner rather than later.

I gave a comprehensive history of my sporting activities before changing into hideous sports shorts. She took me thru quite a few stretch tests to establish my flexibility, all of which I passed. She said she already had an idea which fascia line wasn't functioning well but we did the bunkie test to be sure.

This bunkie test shows up weakness in the medial stabilizing line, and I failed it right out. I could set myself up on my right elbow and place my left foot on the bankie but I could not lift up my right leg at all. Tarryn laughed and I was horrified. I thought it was a trick and I immediately rolled onto my left side to attempt the same test. I could do it easily! For sure my left side was weak. We did no other tests.

I was then placed onto the massage bed and rubbed hard. This is the part that I wasn't expecting. Tarryn said I must tell her when it feels burning or hot. It felt uncomfortable initially but the more she rubbed the more painful it got. She rubbed the inside of my ankle, on my shin and my inner thigh. All were sore and I now have a bruise on my inner thigh and my ankle is swollen. (I am sure Tracey purposely forgot to tell me of the pain involved in the treatment.)

After the rubbing, Tarryn tested me for temporary wedges to balance my gait. I was then given two little bits of yellow pages to wear in my shoe, one under the bone just behind my big toe and one under the arch.

I was sent off to walk/run to integrate the muscle changes that she had made. I also had a follow up appointment for Friday afternoon.

I went to the gym and managed 20 minutes on the the treadmill and covered 2 kilometers walking and running. My foot wasn't sore while I was doing it but I was walking with a limp when I walked off to my Pilates Class. It was also slightly swollen and I had a dull headache when I finished at the gym.

The following day I also had a headache, for which I took a tablet. I was walking with my wedges in my shoes all day and managed a little more running than walking on the treadmill and covered almost 2.5 kms in the same 20 minutes. I wasn't limping as badly and had a good Pilates class afterward.

This morning I have woken up with a dull headache again. Not bad enough to warrant a tablet but it got me thinking that it could be related to the wedges. The wedge under the arch of my foot was also feeling "hot" so I have taken it out. I will just wear the one behind my big toe for the rest of the day, until I see Tarryn later today. Here's holding thumbs for successful treatment.

I have a friend running his Comrades qualifying marathon this Sunday and another running to improve her Comrades seeding. "Happy Running Gus and Val". Ian, Norman and Isaac taking part in the half marathon - "Have a great one. 2:05 for you Ian"

Happy running to you all!



Johann said...

Oh Staci I hope this treatment will work for you and that you will be back running normally soon. It must be so frustrating for you. All the best with this! I'm doing the 21 only at SlowMag. Have a super weekend!

Char said...

Recovery can be a slow and frustrating business. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Tarryn has found the problem.

Karien said...

I'm not familiar with lynotherapy at all - very interested in following your progress. I trust it will sort out the problem!

Paul said...

Hi Staci,
Hope you are gradually getting better !