Friday, 25 May 2012

9 Days and Counting

I haven't posted in a long while - time flies when you are training.

I have been enjoying early-morning training, working at my mornings-only-office-job, driving children from school and other activities, taking a weekly WeightWatchers class, seeing coaching clients, hosting Sh'zen spa parties, cooking, baking, eating and a whole lot more. There is a whole lot of stuff going on and I have been heard to say that my morning job is interfering in my real life. I haven't time to have coffee with friends and haven't made anything with my pewter. The good thing about my job is that we can almost afford the tickets for Ian and our girls to visit Greece for two weeks next month.

Today marks 9 more sleeps until C-DAY!

I have spent the last month training which culminated in a half marathon race followed, a week later, by a 26km training run with Ian. These are the longest distances that I have run since my marathon in early march. Now to go to 90kms?

I have run 183.2 kms in 21:50 hours at an average pace of 7:09 in the last 30 days. (Information made available by Dear Norman who has monitored my runs on a daily basis and has updated my training schedule on a spreadsheet with a motivating comment/snippet of information and my Comrades finishing time based on the pace of the day.) I would not have known when to run, what to run and sometimes even where to run if Norman hadn't stepped in to be "My Coach". The most important role that he has played is to lead me to believe that "I might well finish this race after all". THANK YOU NORMAN!

I have run almost all my training runs with Ian. The few that I have been alone have been because he has been at gym, doing a Pilates class with Alex. I am very grateful to have had the company, especially in the cold, dark mornings this last month. This time last year, I was doing all my training on my own while he stayed warm in bed. THANK YOU IAN!

I have seen Tarryn for LynoSport a number of times and it has helped my recovery immensely. I am now able to hold all my bunkies for 30 seconds and I have no niggles or twitches. The pain of 'rubbies' has been worth it. THANKS TARRYN.

Thanks also to all those that have shown interest and concern in my training. I am now as ready as I am ever going to be. If you would like to follow my progress on race day, you can SMS my race number 21249 to 31832 and you will receive 5 messages on the day.

This time next week I will be in Umhlanga KZN having been to the Comrades Expo to collect my race number and have a look around. I will be resting up in my hotel room over looking the sea!

I only have 6 more runs to enjoy, lots of mental prep to wrap my head around and a very important race-bag to pack. It's going to be a long week. Enjoy yours


Johann said...

Well I certainly have a feeling that you might do this. The tough part will be Cowies after Pinetown. You will definitely make it there and then it will be all in the mind.

alidaonline said...

All the best lady! Hope you have an amazing down run. I'll be glued to the television all day :)

Anonymous said...

Im so glad to hear ou are doing Comrades. Really happy to hear the Lyno helped. You doing Comrades in sandals? Tracy

Karien said...

Holding thumbs!! Hope you have a great run.

Char said...

It hasn't been the best lead-up for you but I have a feeling you're going to get the job done. Good luck. I'll be thinking of you on the day plus the couple of men from our squad heading over.