Tuesday, 15 November 2011

100-Up Challenge

Today I signed up for the 100-Up Challenge. Actually, I started the 30-day challenge this morning and then I went to the website to sign up.

I found out about the challenge from Alan over at Barefoot Journey.  He wrote a great post explaining the practise and the challenge and he includes a video of Chris McDougal demonstrating the 100-Up. I recommend that you go read his post and then go to the Challenge website.

I went to the 100-Up Challenge website this afternoon and signed up as a Challenger.

  • I like the idea of practising for 30 days (I still wear a watch on my right arm after trying to prove the 21-days-to-a-habit theory wrong 25 years ago)
  • My Achilles tendon on both legs is tight first thing in the morning – maybe my form isn’t as good as it could be and maybe this can help
  • I am not really in training for any races – I do my cycle challenge this weekend and my 32km next weekend so I am in tapering mode
  • I can’t see a down side

I am sharing this with you, maybe even offering you a challenge to try something new and see what, if any benefits you gain.

I will be blogging a quick update about my new daily practise.

Day 1- Just before my 10km run. I did it in my sandals, which is almost barefoot.  I found it easy to keep my  feet in the same spot when I was watching, but not so easy when I wasn’t. It was also easy to forget the correct arm movement.  I enjoyed the practice, I like having something to focus on.  A few times during the run, I paid attention to the difference between my form and that of the 100-Up form. I didn’t change anything, just noticing at this stage.

PS – My starting point measurement is my 10km Engen Route with a best time of 1:01:55

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