Sunday, 13 November 2011

My new iPad and Blogsy for blogging

I recently got the iPad 2. Not because I really needed it, but because I knew it to be a "nice to have" and my bank offered an excellent discounted price and a payment plan with no interest. This screamed "Gotta Get". I did and now, thanks to FNB, I am able to update my blog with the Blogsy app.

I have been off-line for quite a while (could be as much as 3 months) and I've missed writing my blog and reading about the adventures of my 'blends' (although I have been following a few of them on Facebook).

The reason for my absence: I got a temporary job, as secretary to a friend-of-a-friend, while his permanent secretary was on maternity leave. I was grateful for the opportunity, worked in a nice environment, liked my boss, had flexibility, ate well, worked from 8-3, didn't have much traffic and a lot of other great things but ... I didn't enjoy the work. I was fine typing letters, quotes and invoices but I found the tenders very stressful. I also missed the time with my children and my gym classes.

I had the opportunity to learn that

A - Full-Time, work-for-a-boss-in-an-office Work interferes with my real life
B - I love my work-for-myself life-coaching work and will take on more clients next year (can be flexible to accommodate gym classes and have sessions at the coffee shop when things are going on at home)
C - I love early morning summer running (had to be out the door, running, before 5am to be back by 6.15 latest to shower and dress and get oldest daughter to school by 7.15 before going to the office)
D - I have a great family and each can adapt to new things when necessary (monthly grocery shopping happened on the weekends, oldest daughter got collected from school an hour late, my youngest daughter did a term of grade 7 work on her own)

So, Leon Jazzman, thank you for the bagels, the dietary information, training and racing updates and a whole lot more. I am truly grateful for the experience and the learning.


Char said...

I totally agree with you about working for yourself. I love having a bit of flexibility with my work to be able to do things in my time - not to squeeze them in around the boss's schedule. It's so much better when you have a family.

Kate said...

I think it's a real gift to have the opportunity to regognize how good you have it in your "normal" life while you're living it rather than once you've moved on to something new. And welcome back now that you have your regular life back! :)