Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My training for the last 3 months

Since my blog post in August, I have run 555 Kms and cycled 195 Kms. This is
made up of 1 trail run, 1 urban adventure race, 6 road running races and 2 road cycling races.

I have set a personal record in the 10 km, achieving my goal of sub-60 with a 59:07 at the Wanderers race at the end of August.

I also set a PB for the half marathon at the Gerald Fox Rockies, going under 2:15 and then a month later I bettered that at Carnival City with 2:09:34.

Our first cycling race.

A running friend of mine wanted to learn to ride a bike and then complete the 94.7 Cycle challenge. I signed up to offer her support. So, I have done a 48km and a 72 Km race and managed both comfortably. I am by no means a real cyclist and I have no intention of becoming one. I am riding my dads old mountain bike with slick tires and I have changed the saddle. I haven't cycled more than 72 kms and I will be completing the race (which is actually 99 kms) on Sunday. It should be fun or at the very least, another experience which I wouldn't have had if I wasn't a runner.


Karien said...

Good luck for the 94.7!

Char said...

Your running's coming along really well. Some nice PBs there. I wonder if it's all that cycling that's making the difference.