Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 3 100-Up

I didn't run today - there was a 12km scheduled but a night out for dinner saw me off to bed a little later than usual, added to that I had no school run to do and Ian isn't running so I really had no reason to get up early. I slept in to 6am and am quite happy to do my 12km tomorrow.

So, I didn't do my 100-Up before my run, but rather before my shower.

Just to clarify, I am doing the 100-Up minor for the first week. I liked doing it in front of the mirror as I could see my arm movement and how my arms cross my mid-line. I also noticed that if I raise my head, my feet place forward but if I look 3 meters in front of myself, my feet place below my hips. Interesting observations, not sure how or even if the info will be useful.

Have a great day!

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