Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

I'm feeling quite ambivalent about the trail run I did on Sunday.  I enjoyed the outdoors and all but really struggled on route. It could be one of three things :- initially I thought it was the pre-race coffee that got me going, then a friend gave me flu tablets and suggested I have a bit of sickness coming on and third is my shoes (or lack thereof).
Just as I am contemplating running in my old road Asics at Groenkloof on Sunday, I come across this article on this blog.

Now, Robert Shackelford isn't speaking about trail running and there is a big difference between road and trail. Nevertheless, it got me thinking and debating and doubting and thinking and debating and doubting again. What will I put on my feet on Sunday?


Johann said...

I had a similar situation this year. I ran a few trail races and the winter trail series in my old road shoes. This worked well for me but when I started running longer trails everyone said I needed trail shoes. I put this off for a long time but eventually decided to try an entry level trail shoe. I didn’t want to spend too much as I run mostly on the road. I was surprised by the trail shoes! What a difference! Trail running became even more fun and the shoes make a huge difference. I think you should run the next race in shoes just to see how it goes.

Andrew Opala said...

Hi Staci - just followed from Johann's recommendation. I also follow Neil - and I learn from BF runners everyday.

Giorgio said...

I've just known your blog through Johann! Those huaraches are nice :)