Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

A great big Thank You to Johann, a fellow South African running-blogger. He gave me some useful advice about running in shoes:
I ran a few trail races and the winter trail series in my old road shoes. This worked well for me but when I started running longer trails everyone said I needed trail shoes. I put this off for a long time but eventually decided to try an entry level trail shoe. I didn’t want to spend too much as I run mostly on the road. I was surprised by the trail shoes! What a difference! Trail running became even more fun and the shoes make a huge difference. I think you should run the next race in shoes just to see how it goes.

Three things that he said got me thinking on my run this morning. 
  • "I didn't want to spend too much" which is one reason why I don't run in shoes;
  • "Trail running became even more fun" and fun is a big reason I run and
  • "see how it goes" which just speaks to me in a way I can't explain
I was worried about running in shoes after 4 and a half months of running in my huaraches. I have now decided that I will run in my shoes, "see how it goes" and at worst I can change into my huaraches which are small and light enough to fit into my waist belt.
I love how an issue can be pondered while you run, thoughts come and go and without effort, the decision has been made and I feel so much better now.

Johann also posted pictures of me on his blog - he called me the Sandal Girl and he recommended my blog and now I have more followers :-)  It is so amazing to me that we can be linked like this - Giorgio is in Rome, Italy and Michael is is Ontario, Canada.  Welcome aboard guys, I look forward to sharing our running experiences.


Amy said...

Hi Staci! Found your blog via Johann - so neat that you run in sandals. I love the idea of the gift giving challenge as well!

Ewa said...

I haven't run trails barefoot yet but I hiked sans shoes a number of times and loved it.

Johann said...

Hi Staci, glad you could decide what to do. Great idea to carry the sandals with you. Just remember you'll need to carry the shoes back if you do change...or chuck them in a ditch for a final farewell...

Giorgio said...

Thanks for your kind words "Sandal Girl" :)
Have a nice running weekend!

John Kynaston said...

I've come across you blog from Johann and will be following your progress with interest.


Sherri said...

I am so happy to link up to your blog through Johann! I don't know how you do it...but at least you stand out! +)