Friday, 8 October 2010

10-10-2010 Virtual Race Update

My Distance so far

Since signing up for the 100km on the Virtual Race on 22 September, this is my progress:

Thursday 23rd             8km
Saturday 25th             4km
Sunday 26th               19km
Tuesday 28th               4km
Friday 1st                    8km
Sunday 3rd                 12km
Tuesday 5th                 8km
Thursday 7th               9km

TOTAL 72km done, 28km to go

Should comfortably achieve 100km by Sunday.

Am off now to second a friend, a walker, in a 9 hour walking event.

Have yourselves a great Running weekend


Andrew Opala said...

Wow! You long-distance girls are incredible!

Johann said...

Great km's there! You'll get the 100 easy. Have fun!

Black Knight said...

I read about you on the Johann's blog and it is almost unbelievable as you succeed in running without running shoes. I remember many years ago a Nike shoe called Huarache but it was not successful.
Anyway I see that you are a running machine and you'll get easy the 100. Hi from Italy.