Friday, 24 September 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I run because ...
This statement has been in my awareness since the Midrand Breakthru' 15km. I was running behind a couple and one of them had it printed on their long sleeve over-shirt.  My immediate answer was because I CAN. 

Over time I have come to realise that I CAN covers so many aspects -
  • I am physically able to run,
  • I have a support system at home that allows
    • my children well taken care of at home
    • dinner is taken care of on the nights that I run
    • breakfast to be taken care of when I run in the mornings
    • my children to get to their lessons/classes
  • I can financially afford travel, race entries, gear etc
Since then I've often reminded myself of this when "the going gets tough" on a training run or race, and I immediately move into a space of gratitude
I can highly recommend running in a space of gratitude - I notice that my legs feel lighter, my heads lifts up a little higher and my shoulders relax. I get a small smile on my face and suddenly the run is finished and I feel great!
Fill in the blank for yourself - I run because ....... you may just be surprised

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Johann said...

Great post! I love the gratitude aspect.