Wednesday, 29 September 2010

No Race Report

All Girls Breakfast Run
The 4 of us gals, all in training for the 32km Tough One in November, went for a Long, Slow Distance Run on Sunday. I had such fun and it didn't feel that far at all. The girls were teasing that I had made the route all uphill and that is was hard, but it was all in jest and contributed to making the distance disappear quickly.
At about 9km we stopped at the garage for a loo break and to buy a coke. Shortly after that my left leg was getting sore. I tried stretching my ITB and rubbing my knee but it got worse on the 12th avenue downhill.  I managed to run slowly and was very relieved to get another rest when we got to Louise's house. We rang her doorbell, even phoned her but got no response. She hasn't been running with us for a while so we thought 8.30am on a Sunday morning would be a perfect time to get her back into the running vibe. (We heard from her later that she was at church :-))
At 17km I stopped for the loo and that really did damage to my leg. I came out of the garage limping and unable to get my left leg straight. I rubbed and stretched and walked and ran slowly but it was really sore, uncomfortable and I feared doing serious damage. I called my husband and he came to fetch me.  The 3 gals carried on with the run.
I did 19km of a 20.5km training run and I felt like a quitter. Part of me thinks that I quit ... because I can.  Then there are other stories like - I don't want to do serious damage, it was only a training run, I could've gone further if I wasn't in pain etc.  Funny how the mind justifies our behaviour.
Back at the house, my dear and darling daughters had made us a delicious breakfast. Freshly juiced apple, pear and ginger juice; fried eggs, tomato, banana and bacon and english muffins. All that followed by tea/coffee and banana bread.  It was unanimously decided that all long runs should be finished with a full breakfast like this, altho' it looks like I am the only one who has the chefs at home. Thanks to A and Z!

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