Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Because all the cool kids are doing it

First annual *10-10* Virtual Race

Guess what I just signed up for - 100km! 
I think this is a great idea - encourage others to run for your birthday on 10-10-10. I have an aunt celebrating her birthday on that day, I will be running a trail run on that day and October is the month that I celebrate my birthday, my youngest daughters birthday, my step-dad's birthday and my brother-in-laws birthday as well as at least 3 good friends' birthdays. 
Challenge yourself and sign up for a little more than you think you can do :-)


Barefoot Neil Z said...

Hi Staci! Obviously I love this post of yours! Thanks for sharing the link and running in the VR! And btw, my wife is a one-i as well. she is Traci!

Johann said...

I planned to do this and forgot about it completely. Thanks for the reminder! I did the winter trail series but will skip the summer one. I need some serious distance. Doing 50km circuit race on 23 October and Sani Stagger Marathon on 27 November. Enjoy the long weekend!