Monday, 16 May 2016

Get our Comrades to Comrades Fundraiser

Wow! It's come and it's gone already.

On April 8, I received a bulk email from the Barnyard Rivonia with regard to using Viva Las Vegas as a fundraiser.  I responded out of curiosity and the next thing I knew, I had agreed to take the minimum 50 seats.  Word of mouth and a number of supportive friends and the five tables were sold. More interested people and my final order for 8 tables was signed and paid for on May 6.

Yesterday we had a good afternoon out, after a cold and rainy start. An entertaining show and happy time spent with friends.  

My thanks go to Adam the MC, Bruce and Alan for drawing raffle numbers and Mark from Complete Marathons for handing out the prizes.

Thanks to Mark and Gillian from Complete Marathons for the generous donation of prizes worth R1850 and to Arnold Geerdts for his donation of a corporate talk.

Thanks to Bruce and Gill, Mark and Gillian, Glen, Diana and Shawn for their cash donations.

And, thanks to Libby, Taryn, Jacqui, Kerry and Myles for so enthusiastically embracing the initiative and getting their tables together.

Congratulations to Melanie, Beth and Judy - winners of the various prizes and to RAC, the club with the most number of runners present at the event.

Finally, the BIG thanks to everyone that bought a ticket in support of fellow runners who need financial support to get to Comrades 2016. 

We raised R11110!!! 

Enough money to sponsor almost 5 deserving runners.  Added to the money raised with the sale of t-shirts from the 9 Freedom Runs for Freedom Day, there will be 6 happy runners travelling to the Ultimate Human Race. (The travel package includes return bus transport, 3 nights hotel accommodation and all meals)

Leonard is already on leave from work. He will be running his second Comrades on May 29.  He is travelling with Vreni on the Comrades Travel Package, paid for by his employer at Engen.   

To those of you running Comrades, have an easy day out! To those supporting, enjoy it!

With gratitude and appreciation, Staci

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