Monday, 20 February 2012

Still sick and NOT running

 So, on Friday afternoon, I confidently posted that is would be back on track on the weekend, ready to run a trail race on Sunday. It wasn't to be ... I have only done 18km for the whole week!!

 We had an awesome dinner at our house on Friday night with 4 of my dear running friends and their partners. We ate well and some drank really well. It was a late night (the latest that I have had in longer than I can remember which has made my oldest daughter really proud). I wasn't sure that I would wake up early enough to meet the girls for a run and I think I they had me almost convinced that since I wasn't fully recovered, I should rest. When I did wake up on Saturday, my chest was closed tight and running was not an option at all. In fact, neither yoga nor Pilates was an option and I was really mad!

I had almost no voice, which my family quite enjoyed, and it felt difficult to breath. So, I faced the reality of another day of forced rest. 

Off we went to movies. Ian and I saw a great SA movie called Material and I highly recommend seeing it if you are in SA.  For me it was about following your heart and risking cutting off your family and friends in that pursuit. I laughed and I cried and I walked out smiling! 

Saturday night we went to my cousins bachelor/bachelorette party hosted at his sisters house. An unusual setup, not traditional in any sense but appropriate to the couple.  We will be traveling to the wedding this weekend. With me feeling poorly and my children feeling tired, we had an early night.  Sunday morning, I slept late knowing that there was no way I would be able to run with my chest feeling like it was when I went to bed. Another day off.  (missing the trail race worked out okay because I was to go with my dad but he had a freak accident on Friday that had him crush his hand in the car door and twist his back, so he wasn't running on Sunday either).

So, today is Monday and I am still not better. I managed a Pilates class this morning but wasn't able to give it my all. I could feel that my body is still poorly.  I continue to take homeopathic remedies but I can't say I am eating very well.  I will be going out tomorrow to at least walk my usual distance if I can't run it.  I will be using a heart rate monitor to best assist me in this.  (I have not been a HRM devotee but in this case i sense  that this might be useful). I hope to be back on track and running a trail race this weekend.

Have a happy training week!



Teamarcia said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I hope it passes fast!

Karien said...

Arggh, you must be so frustrated by now! Wishing both you and your dad a speedy recovery.

Char said...

Look after yourself. I know it's frustrating (I really know it's frustrating) but getting yourself right now is so important. Keep the fluids up and eat as well as you can and rest. And I might just take my own advice too.

Paul said...

Take it easy! You are (usually) a machine but now is the time to relax!

It's actually OK to do NOTHING you know..

Sorry to hear about your Dad's accident..that sounds terrible.

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