Friday, 17 February 2012

I am sick, sore and frustrated!

 WHy is it that REST is a four-letter word for runners? Charmaine from My Life's a Marathon has been "booked off running" for a while and is really struggling to take it easy. I have been experiencing similar frustration because since my half marathon last month my left foot has been feeling sore.

I  was not willing to rest entirely because "I am in training" and can't afford not to do my mileage and I was not willing to rest entirely because I am sure it is a form-issue and I need to correct it while I run. So, I have continued to run through it.

When it swelled up really bad and somebody suggested that it could be a stress frature, i had a mini panic attack. But then I ran a 32km race and altho it was sore, I could run and it didnt swell up again.  It has continued to be achy but hasnt prevented me from running. I wasn't too concerned about finding out what the problem was but rather why I had it which is more effective in getting it fixed. So, I continued running and correcting my form. This week I read about perineal-tendonitis on another blog and thought that might be it, but it isn't. 

In the meantime, I was sneezing a lot on Tuesday night and when I woke up on Wednesday, my nose was clogged. I went out for my usual 8km run and felt fine but after all had gone to work and school, I went back to bed for a couple of hours before getting up to see a client.  By the time I fetched girls from school, done the music lesson run and had our various body parts waxed, I was exhausted, hot, clogged and very irritable.  

I have a head cold and I am too tired to run! 

Forced Rest! 

My thinking says - I would not have elected to rest my foot and so I got sick to force me to rest my foot.  48 hours of no running and lots of barefoot walking around seem to have helped my foot. I am taking loads of vitamins, homeopathic remedies, drinking lots of water, eating good foods and fruits.  I have been told that if you are sick in your head/above the neck, exercise is okay. If you are sick in your chest/below your neck, exercise is not okay. So, I will be going out tomorrow morning for a longish run, my nose is still blocked but my head is not longer clogged and I don't seem to have a temperature. My foot is now rested and should be absolutely fine for my weekend mileage which includes a 10km trail run on Sunday.


Hope you have fantastic runs this weekend.



Kate said...

Seems like a lot of people are feeling run-down lately. I'm one of them! Hope the forced rest did the trick and you're feeling way better this weekend!

Johann said...

I can almost feel your frustration. Take it easy on your runs this weekend. The rest will benefit you for sure. Have a super weekend Staci!

Char said...

Sometimes getting sick can be a blessing in disguise - although it's hard to see it at the time. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Paul said...

Once I get over the major effects of a cold I find that light running helps clear out the sinuses.

But don't stand near me on those runs. ;) Lots of farmer's hankie activity..

Karien said...

Hope you feel better soon!