Monday, 16 January 2012

Dischem Half Marathon

Your belief determines your action and your action determines your result, but first you have to believe.

- Mark Victor Hansen

Yesterday I ran my first road race of the year. It was also my third Dischem Half Marathon.  I am thrilled to say that I set another personal course-record.  I finished in an official time of 2:19:30.  This  beats my 2011 time by 3 minutes and my 2010 time by 33 minutes.

The race was fantastic. Entry was easy, the goody-bag was fantastic (socks, flashing light, sample sachets, magazine, razor, supplement drink and food, lollipop and so much more), the race number collection was easy and quick. I also have a third Dischem t-shirt to run in. The best part was the ports-loos at the start had separate queues for ladies and men and they were "marshaled" so we didn't wait long! Well done and thank you - us ladies did appreciate it. The route was well marshaled, the water tables were well stocked and the roadside support was great, especially the group of girls giving high-5's. The weather was perfectly cool too. I couldn't have asked for a more ideal race experience to start the year.

I certainly wasn't racing the race. My only intention was to run the whole distance. This came from my first year (which was also my first half marathon) when I walked almost the whole of the second half of the race, and last year when I walked up two of the major hills.  In the past two years I have gained a lot of experience, mainly mental experience which made this possible. I now believe that I can run up the hills and what a difference this belief makes. I counted my steps which was mesmerizing and distracting and before I knew it, I was almost at the top. I was so proud of myself, less so for the achievement, more for the follow thru and reaffirming to myself that you are what you believe you are. 

What would be different if you believed that 'IT' was possible?



Karien said...

Congrats on your course record!

I did the Dischem Half last year and really loved it too. What struck me most was how friendly the runners up there were - with my club shirt from another province so many people came up to me to say hi or just welcome me to Gauteng. Really enjoyed the race!

Paul said...

Congrats on a CR and having such a fun race!

The mental part of racing is huge.

Char said...

Well done Staci. Sounds like a really well run event by both you and the organisers.