Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 Intentions

in·ten·tion/inˈtenCHən/Noun: A thing intended; an aim or plan: "both countries have declared their intention to be nuclear-free". 
The action or fact of intending. 
Synonyms: purpose - intent - design - aim - object - notion - ideaMore info »Wikipedia - - - Merriam-Webster

The main plan for this year is to run the 'down' Comrades Marathon in under 11 hours and get a bronze medal.  The first half of the year is focused on doing what is required to achieve my Comrades goal but I still intend on making it fun.  Along the way (and during the rest of the year) I would like to take part in at least 15 Delta Parkruns and run in at least 5 new races! I will be sort-of following Don Oliver's training program on the alsoran website mixed with the info in his book . I generally don't run 6 days a week as he recommends but I will still manage to do the same mileage. I will also be running for charity again, this time aiming to raise R5000 for Pink Drive. (If you feel so inclined, You can help me raise money by visiting the donations page here.)

I have also decided that I will not be taking any medals at the races this year (except my Comrades medal). I have a large collection of 'bling' from my 2 years running and I don't want them.  They take up space and I don't pay attention to them at all. I know in America, they have an organization, Medals 4 Mettle to which you can donate your medals and they put them to good use? I am looking for something similar here in SA. 
I have an unofficial aim to exercise/workout everyday ie. on the days that I am not running, to do yoga and/or Pilates or swim. Just so long as I do some form of exercise. My aversion to making it an official goal is after Comrades, I probably won't feel like doing anything even if my body is able to manage. So, I will just go along with the idea until at least June this year.

The deeper, more meaningful and ultimate intentions of 2012 - to have fun, not take life too seriously, say Yes more often, say No more often, try new things, be of service, be in service of life, create more, buy local, gift local and handmade, blog more regularly, keep in touch with friends, love more, play with possibility and then some more.

My word for the year is FURTHER
For me it means, you have never arrived, there is always more to be, to do, to see to live - just keep going Further to see what more is possible.

Make 2012 your best year yet. 
You might not choose what appears to happen to you, 
but you can always choose how you respond. 
What if ... Everything that happens, happens for you? 
How would your experience be different if you held that perspective?

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Karien said...

Love your ultimate intentions and your word for 2012! Definitely gave me something to think about also.