Tuesday, 29 November 2011

RAC Tough One Race Report

On Sunday I ran my last official road race of the year, The 38th RAC Tough One 32km.

I had high hopes for this one, and I finished a little disappointed. Last year I finished in 4:04, it was hard and hot and I was thrilled to finish the furthest distance to date.  This year, I set myself the obvious goal of doing better than last year but I really wanted to finish in 3:30. I have met all my previous timing goals and I have been running well enough to achieve a 3:30. My training has been on track, the weather was in our favour and even tho’ the route had changed from last year, I had run the last 28km on the new route only 4 weeks before so I knew what was in store for me.

I finished in an official time of 4:45:30. Not too shabby, just not what I hoped for.  I just had a bad day and I don’t even want to give voice to the reasons why because they sound like excuses.

  • I finished the race and I did better than last year
  • The weather was cool and overcast
  • I enjoyed the shady route and I was happy that there wasn’t the 4km slog up Main Road
  • I enjoyed the well-stocked and well-manned water points, especially the Morningside Runners at 29km which is where I pulled myself together

Thanks again to all the volunteers and marshals and organisers, it was a great race!!Tough One Medal

I did learn

  • Not to let rude runners get to me
  • Make sure I don’t drink unless I am thirsty
  • I enjoy running with company and there are more nice runners than rude ones
  • I know what to say to myself to turn my race around, I just need to remember to do it
  • Not to rush off without collecting my “special” medal for completing both the Tough One and the 94.7 Cycle Challenge (even tho’ I am not big on medals)


Karien said...

Sorry to hear about the rude runners. Shame on them.

Paul said...

Any day you can finish a 32km race is a good one!

Sometimes the body just isn't 'on' for race day. Who knows why?

re: medals. congrats!

(....sure, you may not be big on medals NOW, but when your 85 years old and gumming your food you might like to look at them from time to time... ;)

Norman Chard said...

When you can still manage the 32 km 'Tough One' at 7min pace it's not exactly a "bad" day !! On a 'good' day you might do 3:25 !!
Well done on your 'bad' race !!

Kate said...

I have a hard time brushing off rude people, too. Luckily, I don't come across that many of them. Way to knock a big chunk of time off last year's race!

Char said...

You did so well just to finish it. I'm sure it's not called Tough One for no reason. And you did that ridiculously long cycle not that long ago.

Johann said...

Hey Staci, pity I didn't see you as we could have run together for the 3:30. And I'm not a rude runner...I hope!:) Seriously, I hate them but just ignore them. Well done on your 94.7 and Tough One double!