Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Recovery and More 100-Ups

I felt no side effects of the 98km ride on my body 24 hours after the event. I woke up at my usual time on Monday morning but since I wasn't taking my daughter to school, I decided to lie in and not go to Pilates at the gym. I felt no muscle pain or stiffness and "my bits" weren't even sore after sitting on the saddle for almost 5 hours. Correspondence with my friends that did the ride, shows that they didn't get off so easy, sorry gals. I am not an experienced rider and I don't know the rules of how your seat is supposed to be but I think it helped me to have the front tilted up a bit more than you would expect to be normal. This wasn't planned but my seat slipped while I was riding and it wasn't uncomfortable.

I had a comfortable run this morning, went faster than I felt I was going and was happily surprised with my time. I am running the RAC Tough One, a 32km, this Sunday. It'll be my last race of the year, although not my last organized run. I should be tapering somewhat this week, and I in my book that means I just don't run so fast, but keep up my mileage. I am sort do undecided in this regard so will play it with the weather and if I am doing the school run. As it is right now, it is pouring with rain with lightening and thunder and I am not taking my daughter to school so I might just lie in.

I missed my 100- ups on Saturday because I forgot and I didn't do it on Sunday because of my cycle race. I did do it on Monday even tho' I didn't run. I did Day-6 today. I am noticing that my thighs feel the effort and I do need to concentrate to keep the knees up. I am enjoying the discipline of doing it (almost) everyday and it is a form of warm-up before my morning run. Usually I am up and out the house within about 10 minutes of waking up. Now, I take a few minutes, outside, before my run to almost wake up and get my body into movement before the shock awakening it gets when I start running down the road.


Char said...

I'm most impressed that you didn't get sore down under. I can hardly ride for 30 mins on my exercise bike without feeling it. I guess I need to harden up.

Johann said...

I think running ultras and trails make us tougher and stronger than we realise. I really believe cycling is "easy" compared to running ultras & trails :). A lot of my friends disagree.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i have started to enjoy riding, but really can't go far yet I'm still more runner than biker...and my girlie bits HURT!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ok and now i'm totally fascinated by this 100 up thing