Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What I learnt from Comrades 2011

It is now a little over 3 weeks since I ran the 87.7km race and I have run a grand total of 23kms.  Part of me is enjoying the recovery time (the part that does not want to get out of bed in the morning when the temperature is 2 degrees C) and another part just wants to go out and run (this is the part that is eating all the winter comfort food and is fully aware there is no balance between calories in and out).

My Comrades Journey started in September 2009.  In those 21 months, I have run about 3500kms and taken part in more than 35 races. 

I have learnt

  • I am determined, dedicated and steadfast
  • I am committed and strong-minded
  • I can achieve whatever I set my mind to
  • The importance and value of self talk and mantras
  • What you think has more power than what you feel
  • My mind is very strong and powerful
  • My body can endure more than I imagined it could
  • I love being awake and outside in the early mornings
  • What you get out is more than the sum of the parts of what you put in – take 1 step forward and the universe takes 2 toward you
  • The hardest step was the first one - making the commitment
  • I have an amazing support group of family and friends
  • There are a huge number of good people in SA
  • I have a deeper understanding of what it takes to participate in sport
  • my ‘bad’ runs served me well and are of equal value to the ‘good’ runs
  • The experience is in the journey, not necessarily the destination
  • I am only limited by my own thoughts of what is possible – my limits are of my own making
  • The feeling of personal accomplishment, satisfaction and pride that I experienced when crossing the finish line of any of my races during this time is something I wish everyone could experience – I don’t know of anything else (outside of sporting races) that offers the same all encompassing spiritual, physical, mental and emotional nourishment.Comrades 2011

After all this, I realise that I could try harder! 

My ‘first attempt’ was to see if I could do it, now I want to see how well I can do it. 

Bring on Comrades 2012!!


Teamarcia said...

I love this--especially the take one step forward and the universe takes 2 toward you--fantastic and so true!

Here's to Comrades 2012!

Paul said...

Hmm. if I had to boil it all down to one line...

You are one (mindful) tough bugger.


Char said...

This is such a great post! Running is such a growing and learning journey. I'm still learning after almost 30 years of running.

Johann said...

Lovely post Staci! The great thing is that the journey never ends and the experiences just go on and on. As Char says, you never stop learning. Well done to you again on this journey so far.