Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Callies Comrades Legends Race Report

Race Name

Callies Comrades Legends 

This year the race celebrates Mercer Davies, a Comrades winner in 1957 and holder of 5 gold medals.




Germiston Callies Harriers




32km, 15km



Start Time & Venue

6.30am, Germiston Stadium, Delville Rd North, Delville, Germiston



Entry Fee

R40.00 for the 15km



Entry Process & Number Collection

We did a late entry on the morning of the race. 



Goody Bag/T-Shirt

No goody bag and no t-shirt to late entries – only the first 500 entries were eligible for t-shirts.



Travel arrangements

Fortunately the race had a 6.30am start so we fetched Alan at 5am (same time that my run last week started).  We had VIP parking in the stadium grounds and because we arrived relatively early, there were no queues for our entry.  We waited in the car until time to drop our bags at the tent and get to the start.



Race Start

We put our bags at the RWFL and I reluctantly took off my jumper – it is fresh in the early mornings now and the sun wasn’t up yet.  We made our way to the start where Ian took a picture of me with my SA Flag that I was running with for International Running Flag of Friendship.

DSCN0023 resize

I also met up with Johann at the start.  He is the author of the blog RunTallWalkTall and he has also started the International Running Flag of Friendship.

DSCN0024 resize

Again, the race started a little late because there was still such a queue for entries.  I didn’t notice the late start because I was chatting with Johann and Karen but there were a number of people moaning about it at the finish.



Personal Race Experience

I ran most of the race with Stanley from Rockies until I turned off at 9km.  It was lovely to hear about his previous Comrades Marathon races.

My right leg was a little sore, nothing that stopped me from running but I was glad that I wasn’t running the 32km. 

When I did this race last year “I walked over the bridge @ 7km and up hilly road @ 11km” according to my log book.  This year I ran all except when getting water and Coke at the watering tables. 

I enjoyed the race and was happy with my time – 10 minutes faster than last year and I wasn’t even trying.



Race Route

The 32km is rated 4 according to the Nedbank Runners Guide.  “Both the 32 and 15 start off fairly well with little to complain about, nice and easy does it.  The fields split at around nine kilometres and herein lies the story of two races.  For those who chose the short route home, the run is nice, pretty and flat…

The watering points were good – well manned & well stocked  – Thank You!



Race Finish

It was nice to finish on a real athletics track since it’s not often that we do.

DSCN0025 resize

My flag finished the race with me – in my hand the entire time.  It is now ready to be stitched onto the big flag and passed on to another runner.

Ian found shoe repair man at the finish and his shoes really needed repairing.  His shoes were so badly worn on the heels and I am (obviously) determined that he doesn’t need to spend R1000 on a new pair – he has perfectly good bare feet.  So, as our "negotiations” continue, he spent R80 having his shoe heels redone.

DSCN0028 resize

 It was quite a wait, so Alan queued up for pancakes after his 32km run in a time of 2:31:50.

DSCN0030 resize



Race results

I finished at about 1:37 – will wait for the official results since I didn’t start my until I crossed the start line and I wasn’t paying attention to the official clock at the finish.

Ian and Karen ran under 1:30:00 which was Ian’s goal.

will be available on the www.raceresults.co.za website, usually in a couple of weeks.




The race gets full marks and it is a race that I will run again.



Johann said...

How & why does your previous report's comments display on the new ones? Great run Staci! I am so happy that you could run this. I must admit I was a little worried about your leg. Please clarify your connection to Alan (one of my all time favorites and hero).

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Awesome for you!! What a great job!!!! Sore leg?