Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Race Reporting

I have come up with my very own way to assess the races that I participate in. Since this is my way of assessment, I reserve the right to change any aspect of the process at any given time and I am allowed to stop using it at any given time too.

So far, I have allocated a total of 18 points, as follows:

  • For GOOD 2 points

  • For BAD 1 point

  • For INDIFFERENT 0 points

Entry Fee:

  • Does it include goody bag, t-shirt and medal
  • Does it provide Value for money in delivering a safe and secure event

Entry Process:

  • Is it easy and cost effective to do it online
  • Can I go to a conveniently located sport shop

Number Collection:

  • Do I need to collect my number before the race from a venue that is close to home?
  • Is the early morning on race day collection well organised and adequate manned?

Travel arrangements:

  • Am I travelling with others?
  • I am given clear directions to the start venue?
  • Is the parking marked and secure?
  • Am I given options of where to stay if necessary?

Race Start:

  • Were there sufficient toilet facilities?
  • Is there seeding in place and monitored by marshalls?
  • Is the start well marked with a start banner?
  • Can we hear the announcements?
  • Is there an official timing clock?

Personal Race Experience: How was my run

Race Route:

  • Did I enjoy the route?
  • What is the Runners Guide Rating?
  • Was there sufficient marshalling along the route?
  • Were their toilets on the route?
  • Were the watering tables well manned and with enough refreshments?
Race Finish:

  • Was there an official timing Clock?
  • Were refreshments offered?
  • Did I receive my medal and t-shirt if applicable?
  • If finish is different from the start, were there sufficient toilet facilities?

Race results:

  • Are the race results offered on the website?
  • Were there race photos taken by professional photographers?

Total Possible Points that can be awarded: 18


GeorgiaSnail said...

Comrades = 19 points, just because!

Kate said...

Very cool. Could be a good resource for your local friends in the next years, plus it's nice to have an objective measure for yourself. One question: why is bad 1 point and indifferent 0?

Johann said...

Wow, that's a detailed system! Can definitely be very handy indeed.