Monday, 10 January 2011

Bondi Bands are Great

Thanks to Angie over at BarefootAngieBee, who had a headband giveaway last year, I am now the proud owner of 3 Bondi Bands and 2 other head bands.

This is what I won ...

This is my favorite one - obviously because it says I love barefoot running.

(I think my self portraits are getting better, altho' the boney bits around my neck don't look good they are because I am stretching my arm out to get my pic and because I want to photograph the saying on the band.)

I haven't run in any of them yet but will be tomorrow morning and will let you know how well they work.


Ewa said...

I love that picture, boney bits and all. You look very athletic. A picture of fitness and health.

Kate said...

Great picture, and the band color is a great one for you. What a nice coincidence that it's the barefoot running one!

Black Knight said...

I am with Ewa and Kate, the picture is great. Beautiful band.