Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I Won .... Again
I am so very happy .....  I won the headbands from Barefoot Angie that I posted about over here.  I have sent my postal address to Angie and the headbands should be on there way here soon. Thanks Angie!

Comrades Entries
The Comrades Marathon entries are closed. 18 000 entries were received before the close on Tuesday November 30.  Good Luck to all those that have entered. 

This looks like an interesting run.  I run for the t-shirt, but if there isn't a t-shirt available then fun and going somewhere that I wouldn't normally go, is a good second. I don't usually have reason to go into Jhb City centre and I am quite curious to see what goes on there, so I will more than likely be doing this race.  I have heard alot (of good things) about the Tyrone Harriers and their Tyrone-X adventure of running through the Western Cape's most scenic mountain passes in 5 1/2 days.

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Johann said...

Lucky you, congrats! I won a shirt at the Black Night's virtual race...for being the slowest.

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