Monday, 6 December 2010

Non-Race Report

Johannesburg's most offensive road running event

The Gals and I ran this non-race yesterday morning.  The 5 of us travelled together to Houghton, really excited to take part in this unconventional event.  Paul gave us all name tags (back and front) to improve group relations and we got a printed map detailing the route and places where we will stop.  The organisation was fantastic - a basket for our keys, a guard to take care of our cars, pictures of the previous growler.  Everything had been thought of and taken care of.
A little after 6am and over 100 of us were off to Claim Back Johannesburg

The route was thru' Yeoville, Berea, Hillbrow, Doornfontein, Selby (our turn-around point at what's left of the Top Star Drive-In), back thru' Newtown and Parktown. 

It was a slow run, people stopping to take pictures, chit-chat taking place as we met new people, others reminiscing about when last they were here, recognition of landmarks etc. I took a different camera with me (I usually use my mobile to take pictures) so I'll let the pictures do the talking ...

Celebrating the weekend win in the Telkom Knock-out
Hillbrow Post Office
Telkom Tower
The Growler Group

Neglected Building

Bruce Fordyce and Me at the old Top Star Drive-In
Park Central Taxi Rank


Johann said...

Thanks for sharing this! I work in JHB CBD and see the city every day. Some sad and some good to see. We used to run up Top Star for hill training...I'm sure Bruce told you about his training there as well. Maybe I'll join them next year.

Johann said...

Hi Staci

I can't believe I haven't formally met you! This will certainly change next year.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.