Friday, 22 October 2010

A Weeks Worth of News

I have had a really busy 10 days with girls at school, birthday parties and other things and so I haven't had time to blog - altho' I have had time to keep up with the news on my favourite blogs.

2011 Journal, Beginners Training Plan,
Chi Running DVD

Last week I received my package from ChiRunning.  I have watched the DVD and learnt a lot.  I have been doing the loosening exercises for a month now (I have the old edition of the Chi Running book) and I started doing the stretches after my run.  I have also sort of started the marathon training program. I will post more about this next week.

I am so looking forward to running tomorrow.  I will be doing another trail run at Van Gaalens Cheese Farm.  I will be going with my dad and my 3 running Gals. The gals and I are doing the short course, about 10km and dad is doing the long one of 20km. 
I am thinking that I will be doing the trail in my huaraches.  I will see what the terrain is like when I get there and make a final decision.  Since I am just a beginner trail-runner, I can train myself to run in my huaraches, just like I did for road running.  There are many people (like Barefoot Ted ) who run trails in 'sandals', so I can do it too :-)

I might also meet a cyber-friend (Johann over at Run Tall, Walk Tall) at the Carnival City Half Marathon on Sunday.  He has a countdown to the race on his blog and I have left a comment for him suggesting we meet.  It is kindof weird to be meeting somebody that you only know from cyberspace. If we do see each other (I should recognise him from his photo on the blog and he should recognise me with my sandals and he has taken pictures of me before) we will take pics.

Have a great running weekend.


Chris K said...

I took a 4 hour Chi Running clinic a few years ago and loved it. They have certified Chi Running coaches all over the world.

Johann said...

Hi Staci, it looks like I might miss the race tomorrow. A friend's wife passed away today and I will probably head that way tomorrow. Will then do my 21 at 5AM from home. Have a good run! How was the trails today?

Giorgio said...

Hi Sandal Girl,

What about your trail run at Van Gaalens Cheese Farm? I look forward to reading your report :)

Have a NICE Sunday!