Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

I have been running with the metronome as suggested by Danny Dreyer in the book Chi Running.  Here is a video showing how to use it with a really simple reason why to use it.

So far so good, I started on the recommended 85 steps per minute and have upped it to 87 spm and find that comfortable.  I am now continuing to get it into my muscle memory that I can continue to keep the cadence when I don't have the metronome.


Johann said...

I look at all these things with interest, but I’ve been running 29 years now with the last 15 injury free. I’d rather not change anything now.

Ewa said...

Haven't tried a metronome but some pieces of music have just the right beat and I notice I automatically adjust my cadence to it.

Chris K said...

Wow, the famous Sandals girl. BTW, I just started using a metronome on EVERY run. I use it as tool to take small steps and keep my feet landing under my center of gravity. If I can do that then I won't have to revert to Huarache sandals :-)