Monday, 10 August 2015

parkrun #56, Event # 17

Golden Harvest parkrun started on Saturday 8 August and there was a fantastic turn-out.
Golden Harvest parkrun, parkrun SA
A regular group of parkrun tourists
It was great to see a number of the woodlands parkrunners taking part as well as the usual parkrun tourists.

It is a lovely park to run through but like most of the public parks in Joburg, it is a little small for a 5km route. The Event Directors did a good job of making use of the space and scenery to get us to run a one lap course on cobbled paving (horrible surface in sandals) grassy patches and dirt road. We ran past the dam where a surprising number of people were already setup with fishing rods. The orange-tape markings were substantial although a number of my friend (faster runners, ahead of the crowd) commented that they weren't consistent and it was tricky to keep on track.

It isn't an easy course but it is a great course if you want to train on a good trail. I am sure will be back!

Results: I was the 55th lady to finish out of a field of 426.

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