Friday, 20 June 2014

Alan Robb isn't awarded his age category prize

My previous post was an article in the newspaper about Gramps not being awarded his age category prize because his age category tags weren't visible.  This followed shortly after the news that Zola Budd was also not awarded her age category prize because she didn't have any age category tags on her running vest. (You can read more here)
Zola Budd finishing Comrades 2012 and 2014
Zola finishing Comrades 2012 with age tag and 2014 without age tag
The news has been around the social media pages alot and many people are commenting and asking my opinion. So, I understand the athletics rules read that in order to qualify for an age category position, you must wear visible age category tags on both the front and the back of your vest. I also understand that if you are in a position to race, it is valuable to you to be able to identify your competition. It is with that understanding, that i don't think the Zola Budd issue is the same as the Alan Robb issue. She wasn't wearing age category tags. The dispute is probably with The Comrades Association regarding which rule is applicable.
Alan Robb was wearing age tags, both on the front and on the back, and they are visible in almost all the official Jetline Action photos taken on the day. Those pictures where you can't see the age tag are taken from the far right hand side. This dispute lies with KZN athletics who are responsible for the race referees and spotters who apparently didn't see the age tags. Complaining on social media highlights the problem but doesn't assist in getting the issue resolved. I haven't had success in getting a direct email address for the person responsible and who will handle the appeal.  I have however been given as an email address for Deef Govender who might or might not be able to assist. If you feel strongly and would like to assist us in this appeal, please email Deef Govender at kzn@athletics and appeal the decision to strip Alan Robb of his Masters second place position in Comrades 2014.
Alan with visible age tags.
Photos I took out on the road with my iPhone

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Paul Rodman said...

Boy am I confused.

If the tags are so you know your competition, why are they only on the front? Once I pass somebody I don't care what their age is ;)

Secondly, why not just print the age on the bib..make the big a bit bigger if you need to.

And why aren't there finishing line videos that can resolve the matter?

Whole thing seems a bit silly to me.