Monday, 2 January 2012

New years Day Run

Ian and I didn't have a good night sleep because our dogs were terribly disturbed by the fire crackers that were going off in the neighborhood, to celebrate New Year. We landed up sleeping in until 9 am and didn't go out for a morning run. 
At lunch time, he was going to go to gym and I thought I would go for an early evening run. Instead we decided to do a 10km run together. So, at 1pm in the heat of the day, that was cleverly disguised with a gentle, refreshing wind, we set off to run 10km.  I had decided that I was tired of all our usual routes and wanted something different so we decided to run one of our routes in the opposite direction.

Two things I learnt on the run:
  1. Don't assume 10km in the heat of the day is the same as a 10km at 5am in the morning! I need water in the daytime and I wanted it bad from about 5km. I was kept motivated with the thought that when I get home, I can dive into the pool to cool off and I would at least feel better that I had run.
  2. start my run much faster (30 seconds per kilometer faster) when I have been up and about for about 4 hours compared to the early morning runs when I am still waking up for the first 2 kilometers.
The well earned and deserved swim - running kit still on.
An interesting observation - dinner plans can change rather suddenly when you smell at least 8 braais (barbecues) happening in the neighborhood. We had invited my folks for "Breakfast For Dinner" and that was quickly changed to steak and potatoes on the braai.
New Years Braai with my parents


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to live in Fl?? I only ask because I know they do fireworks on New years eve there, I hated it!

Char said...

I love that you had to change your menu because of your run. And the times I've run in the evening a little hungry past the wafting smells of steak or chops - I totally understand.

Karien said...

Those braai aromas on a run are always so cruel :) !!