Monday, 30 January 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off Race Report

On Saturday I ran in the second freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual Race. It was both the second time that Adam has hosted this race and the second time that I have run it.

As you can see, blue skies and warm weather at the start of the race

It is nowhere near freezing in Johannesburg at this time of the year and Saturday was an almost perfect day to go running. The race started at 9am and the temperature was at 29 degrees Celcius already. A few clouds in the sky kept it a little cool.

The 48 starters lining up.

I chose to do my 5km run at the Delta Parkrun which I have written about before here. I was lucky enough to run with Shawn again. He is a great pacer and unbeknownst to me, was tracking our run against his PB. We finished 6m behind his PB and I was told we sprinted the last 500m which I am sure we did because it was downhill and and we were almost finished. I finished 22 overall and 7th female, in a time of 31:11.

Myself, Paula and Shawn at the finish.

Thanks to Adam for organizing this race. You can read the race reports from around the world on his website here.


Char said...

I walked my 5k and there was no freezing for me either. There was, however, quite a bit of stopping and peeing on tree trunks. It took Bubbles and I an hour to finish.

Johann said...

I missed Adam's race this time. I'm so busy that I am a bit out of touch with bloggy things. You did great! I will still join for a Delta Park run some day.

Karien said...

I think the guys in the Northern Hemisphere who did the run and really froze their thorns off are very jealous of your beautiful, sunny run :) !