Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 4 100-Up

Today was day 4 of my 100-Up challenge.
I did the minor set before my early morning run, just in front of my car, using it. As a mirror. I got to look approx. 3 meters ahead of me, watch my arm swing and make sure my knees were consistently and equally high. My feet also went down in the same spot!

I loved my run this morning. I set out on my 10km route instead of my planned 12km because I went out a little later than usual and I didn't want to deal with traffic.
There were more runners and cyclists out than I usually see which was great and I was on a seriously happy greet-everyone-you see-mission.
There was a 'homeless bum' going thru the garbage bins outside the sports club. When I ran past, on the opposite side of the road, he shouted 'Hello Baby' in a leery way which made me feel uncomfortable and slightly intimidated. My route has me turning around and returning on the same road and I was apprehensive about passing him again, so I was relieved when I didn't see him at the garbage bins. I ran past a number of people, saying good morning as I approached from behind. It was only as I past and he said 'Hello Baby, looking fine' or something similar, that I realized it was him again. I continued running, now not feeling intimidated or threatened. I was pondering the interaction as i continued running. When I turned to run past him again, I could only laugh out loud when he chirped 'Baby running well'.
I'm not sure exactly what I got out of the interaction, I can't articulate any more than- I was grateful to become aware of how my experiences are limited by my judgement of people who are different to me.

So, my offering to you this weekend: open yourself to a new experience by allowing an interaction to happen that you normally would shy away from.

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Char said...

Nice that you provided the homeless man's morning entertainment. Runs like that are great and that's why we do them.