Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Northgate 10km Race Report

I ran my first race since Comrades, on Sunday.  It was also the first anniversary of my first race in my sandals.

I was about 40 seconds slower than last year which i was disappointed about.  I wasn’t really looking at my time or pacing myself, I just assumed that I would be fitter and faster, but it wasn’t to be.  However, when I look at the stats, it shows that my moving time was 1:02:49 and it took about 50 seconds to get over the start line and actually start running.  (I also stopped near the end to take a picture but I could see on my watch that I wasn’t going to make 1:03:32.)  So maybe, my time was good after all.

Split Time Moving Time Distance Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace
1 0:07:57 0:07:03 1 7:57 7:02 6:02
2 0:06:23 0:06:21 1 6:23 6:21 5:38
3 0:06:09 0:06:09 1 6:09 6:09 5:40
4 0:06:17 0:06:14 1 6:17 6:13 5:38
5 0:06:33 0:06:33 1 6:33 6:32 5:39
6 0:06:30 0:06:25 1 6:30 6:25 5:37
7 0:05:59 0:05:56 1 5:59 5:56 5:27
8 0:06:01 0:05:56 1 6:01 5:56 5:37
9 0:05:53 0:05:52 1 5:53 5:51 5:31
10 0:05:50 0:05:46 1 5:50 5:46 4:56
11 0:00:39 0:00:34 0.09 7:01 6:00 5:04
 Summary 1:04:18 1:02:49 10.09 6:22 6:13 4:56

The race itself is a good one, organised well and a good route.  A nice way to ease into the racing calendar again after a month of (well deserved) rest and recovery.  I was reminded how much I enjoy the racing scene and am looking forward to a full-ish July and August.Hat resize

The race is on-the-day-entry only which can get a little chaotic.  I was early enough to avoid the long queue (there is also a 5km fun run that takes place at the same time) and lucky enough to receive a cap (only 50 available apparently).

The morning was freshly cold, but I don’t think as cold as last year.  I also think that there were way more entries than last year and it took a while to cross the start line. DSCN0561 resize

DSCN0564 resize

People and feet lining up in front of me

DSCN0562 resize

DSCN0565 resizePeople and feet lining up behind me

I ran the first 2.5km with Paula, whom I ran a bit with at Sudwala Screaming Monster and who was shouting support for me at the bottom of Polly Shortts at Comrades.  The rest of the time I was on my own and in my own world.  I ran the uphill between 6 and 7kms which I didn’t last year, so I was proud to see that as an improvement.  I also manage 3 sub 6-minute kilometers which I’m thrilled with.  Admittedly they were the last 2kms which were downhill, but that still counts, doesn’t it?

DSCN0567 resizeMedal resize


All in all, a good morning out and a great way to get back into running.

Thanks Roodepoort Athletics Club for another good run.


Johann said...

Nice one Staci! I was actually looking out for you but it always amazes me how close you can be to someone in the crowd without seeing them. Will see you at some race I'm sure.

Char said...

Well done Staci. Of course the fast down-hill splits count - you were running them weren't you? And that makes up for the pain on the ups.