Thursday, 26 May 2011

Comrades Marathon Expo

I was really excited to go to the Expo today – I have been on so many occasions, but today was the first time that I was going to register!!!

My Folks arriving at the Expo …


My Folks with Zola Budd Pieterse


Alan and I at the big poster of him winning the 1978 Comrades, part of the History display at the Expo, loving taken care of by Barry Varty


My Race Number


My Goodie bag and its contents  (I got a white bag filled with extra stuff because I am running for charity – I got a travel mug, amabeadibeadi beads, a Starfish neck-warmer, a whole tub of Arnica gel, shampoo samples, a zippered gym towel, a couple of supplement samples, deodorant, shower gel, a tub of vaseline and the usual brochures)


This is what was in Alan’s bag, most notably missing the tub of Arnica Gel, travel mug, shampoo and the Amabeadibeadi/Starfish beads and neck warmer


The Official Comrades T-Shirt – not to be worn before the race!!


I really enjoyed the two hours that I spent there and am looking forward to going again on Saturday.


Teamarcia said...

I am so excited for you! I get chills just looking at your pics! Holy loot Batman that's a ton of goodies.

Teamarcia said...
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JK said...

What a neat thing to meet Zola Budd Pieterse. And what a great goody bag. I hope you have a wonderful race.

alidaonline said...

Very excited for you. Will be watching on Sunday. Good luck. One foot in front of the other :)

Char said...

I'm not sure I'm getting this right - is your Dad Alan and did he once win Comrades?

Staci said...

Hi Char
Well done on your race on Sunday ;-)
Alan is my dad, step-dad really, married to my mom for 30 years. Yes he won Comrades, 4 times, has 12 gold medals and will be running his 38th consecutive Comrades on Sunday.
I, sadly, don't have his genes, but will tap into his experience.

Paul said...

Hi Staci,

Race report? I see that you finished and your splits look dead even!!! Amazing job pacing for 90km...whoa.

What was it like? Did you run it in your sandals?