Monday, 14 March 2011

Comrades Marathon Countdown

comrades_2011Today marks 75 days until The Comrades Marathon.  It’s been a week since I qualified at the Vaal Marathon and I’m now settled into the idea that I will be running 89km!

I had an easy, recovery week and was feeling hundreds by Sunday.  This weekend will see me doing a 21km race and a 30km LSD.  I went thru’ my program with my dad today to confirm the long runs that I will be doing and the races that I need to enter.  I have one 60km club run planned early next month, 3 half marathon races, 2 x 32km races and 1 marathon race planned. The rest of my long distance training will be long solo runs over the weekends.

I’m feeling confident that I can complete The Ultimate Human Challenge within the 12 hour cut-off and to this end I have signed up for the Amabeadibeadi Race 4 Charity.  The Comrades Marathon Association have taken the decision to offer 1000 people a special seeding, closer to the front of the field, if they raise the amount of R5000 to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.  Comrades has 5 charities that it supports and part of Race for Charity, I have chosen the Starfish Foundation that supports vulnerable children in South Africa.  (The other charities are Community Chest , The Sports Trust, Wildlands and Pink Drive.)

If you feel that you would like to assist me in raising money for this charity, you can visit my page at Race4Charity. They have 3 options available to make it easy for you to donate – If you are in SA, you may send a R30 sms donation, you may make a credit card/paypal payment or an Electronic Funds Transfer. 

(My husband has suggested a donation of R1 for every kilometer of the race and then rounding it off to R100 ($15) to include toll fees Smile. )

(Disclaimer: The Race4Charity website does take a 10% admin fee and the cell networks also take a fee of about R10)


Char said...

I'm hearing about Comrades from a few different sources at the moment - you and Johann of course but also from one of the guys in my squad. He just ran a 45k trail race on the weekend as preparation. You guys are all insane! :)

Kate said...

Very cool! I can't wait to hear how your training goes.

Johann said...

I can't believe how fast the time is going. Just the other day it was still 100 days to go. I prefer starting a race like Comrades at the back to make sure I start slow enough. With thousands of sub 4 and sub 4:30 runners behind you it is nearly impossible to start slower than those behind you. So do take care that you don't start to fast. Remember with Comrades the 10 to 12 minutes you gain at the start can cost you 1 to 2 hours towards the end.