Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 New Year Run

11km on 1.1.11 in just under 1 hour 11 minutes!!
Iritron/Run Walk for Life New Years Day Run,
RWFL hosted the first run of the year and because of the numbers, the usual 10km was changed to 11km.
The Number 1 represents a new beginning, and in numerolgy stands for individualistic, driven, ambitious, strong will power, courageous,
unconventional, inventive, creative, original, pioneer, independant and potential for success. (edited from http://www.spiritual-numerology.com/)

All good reasons to run 11km on 1.1.11.

Ian and I planned to run the race in 1 hour and 11 minutes. My right foot was still sore from my LSD on Thursday and I started off really slowly. Ian went off ahead of me and we figured we would each take it as it comes. I was doing really well at half way and thought I must catch up with Ian because I was still on track to achieve the time. That's about the time I turned the corner and saw a HILL. I also spotted Ian on the HILL so I was determined to keep running. I ran and ran and ran and still wasn't getting closer to Ian. Just then there was a bend in the road and as I turned I saw a long, steep HILL and I walked. Ian also walked so I upped my walking pace until I managed to catch him at the top of the 300m incline. It was great to carry on running with him (he didn't have a watch and didn't know how he was doing). We went back into the Botanical Gardens at 7.5kms and past the finish area but were directed to continue on to do a 2.5km loop. There were 2 short inclines toward the end of the loop. My watch said that I had 700m to go and 4 minutes in which to do it in and so I raced hard. Ian couldn't up his pace so I finished on my own in a time of 1:10:45. A little disappointed that I couldn't time myself properly! Ian finished in 1:11:02 and he didn't even have a watch.

We stayed around after the race and entered the lucky drawer. Ian was the lucky guy (sort of) and won a t-shirt, unlucky because it's a size medium and doesn't fit him. So, in the end, I'm the lucky girl - I got the t-shirt and a great looking medal.

A good start to the year and a good race to run again.

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Ewa said...

But 1:10:45 rounds up to 1:11:00, doesn't it?
Happy New Year. You had a great start already.